2014 and still an asshole

2014-04-02 16:21:16 by mrfry

Someone teach me how to be kind please :(. I just can't help mocking bronies, furries, Xbox fanboys, FF7 fanboys living in the past, CoD fanboys, Halo fanboys, PC gaming fanboys, and everything else imaginable.


Lol I actually like FF7 but I dont live in the past, I play PC alot these days, hell, I play CoD every once in a while. Bronies are not that bad.


But Halo/Xbox fanboys, you are scum.

Furries, you are freaks LOL. You guys know that fapping to animals is a crime right? Cartoonized or not. Anthro is even worse LOL.


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2014-04-02 17:30:58

Lol, playing older video games doesn't mean you live in the past! But yeah, any sort of fanboy isn't great. Don't get involved with fanboys if you aren't a fanboy of what they're fanboys of.

mrfry responds:

Sorry but I gotta joke about the extreme FF7 fans. They are too easy to troll. All you gotta say is "Sephorath is a fag" gotta spell his name wrong too, and they will go on a rampage LMAO.


2014-04-03 21:25:20

Haha! You love pissing off fanboys huh. It's pretty hilarious to see their reaction.

mrfry responds:

Try telling a (nba) 2k fanboy that Live is better. Shit got me banned from some 2k fansite, but my thread had over 200 posts. Succesful flamebait is Succesful.


2014-04-04 08:57:30

I rather like my 360, I don't see what your problem is.

mrfry responds:

Ok, ill admit the 360 was the best from last gen. PS3 was built better buuuuuuuuuuuut exclusives, xbox live, and earlier DLC on some games (fuck you activision) made the 360 the better console. But the xbox 1, LMAO ITS TRASH.


2014-04-04 19:23:53

To be fair (even though I'm not a huge fan of the Xbone) it was just released, it might pick up in the game quality department.