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Luis is the first mod I can respect

2014-04-05 06:40:25 by mrfry

Tbh there's no reason this thread should be locked. Just because a thread ruffles some feathers or has back and forth I don't think it causes such a decay that nobody should participate in a thread that was clearly popular.

I just don't get how a forum is supposed to function if people keep locking topics. The forum community is dying anyway why kill it even more by not letting people use the forum to I dunno post in topics.


My awesome thread on the General Forums was going great, then someone started flaming and being a little cunt and got the thread locked. I made a popular thread that got people actually interested in the BBS. HUR DURR ONE RAGING FURRY MEANS WE GOTZ 2 LOCK IT.


Luis actually gets it. The most popular topic on the forum shouldn't be locked, it should be able to grow and be nurtured by the posts by anti furries, furries, and the undecided morons (jk I love u guys :D). I mean NG is declining, only reason I came back is because I thought the mods stopped being annoying with the lack of traffic NG is getting.


Alas, ill think of another juciy topic to put in the General board.


P.S. heres the link to the topic - http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1363705


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