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XGEN is for faggots

2009-12-31 18:40:01 by mrfry

They banned me for some bullshit.Yada yada yada

This is why I come to the bbs instead of that bullshit on xgen.WTF banned for talking about maplestory?

Your gay if you go to this link

2009-12-26 21:06:03 by mrfry ad.php?t=196907

Wacom is a gay ass piece of shit.

2009-12-23 22:03:54 by mrfry

Wacom was ok at first but tom is making these posts too much. When is this annoying crap going to stop?


2009-12-06 00:16:49 by mrfry


Muther FUCKING hackers!

2009-09-07 13:03:28 by mrfry

Well here is what they did - Hack my youtube accout,Stole my personal information,My computer,and have my file's for the movie's I was making.Well I am pissed off as hell right now.I had to re-download all of my stuff.Right now I am having to re-buy windowsonecare and the Hypercam.I am soo pissed right now.

Edit-I am back and I will be making a new youtube account.

(Before I go on I have just gotten my 100th post on the BBS today!That's why I am in a good mood for once.)
Well The reason why is because I am just a BIG platformer fan.I used to play mario 64 all day when I was a little kid.But I also like SOME RPG's.You may hate me for this but I don't like Crono at all.But I like pokemon and some flash RPG's on Newgrounds.
FPS/TPS are just plain.Goldenye was one of my favorite games ever and Halo 1 was ok.After these well we had 007 game's getting worse and Halo turning into a "If u dnt liek halo u wil die!!!!1111!" Kind of thing.(I am NOT into WW2 game's so don't say anything about COD.)

One last thing.The ALL copied golden eye and Doom with the exclusion of GTA games.I have gotten bored with Shooters now.I don't even play golden eye anymore because of it.(Yes I STILL play my N64.)

And I am also working on my next crappy stick movie.I will give out a link when I am done with it.


2009-08-01 11:44:11 by mrfry

I will update when I don't feel lazy.


2009-07-29 17:49:13 by mrfry

I was banned from the BBS again because I wanted to make a crew like The Faggot federation.
but for youtube.
I really think these mods are gay ass faggots sometimes..
aviewaskewed is a douchbag


2009-07-24 12:21:18 by mrfry

I have been working on a youtube vid for 2 days and I am mother fucking tucked out!
Don't expect me to replie to your messages right away.

Knew it...

2009-07-23 02:10:33 by mrfry

He made another account to terrorize us with go to and you will see his new bullshit account...