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He is banned but don't get too exited...

2009-07-23 00:04:08 by mrfry

Even know he is banned he might just make another acount so don't get too exited...
We did before and he just came back again...
If simonbirch has not created another account by tomorrow than it is official.


2009-07-22 00:30:30 by mrfry

Simon just made another NG account to spam with!
It is hell on earth again!


2009-07-21 23:57:56 by mrfry

Simonbirch just got banhammered!!!!!!!!!
Lets all rejoice!

Zombie Story (Not Complete)

2009-07-21 22:41:44 by mrfry


MY story. pt 1

2009-07-21 20:08:55 by mrfry


Hall of shame!

2009-07-20 19:57:32 by mrfry

Welcome to the hall of shame!!!!
this is where pathetic pieces of crap get put in there place!
simonbirch is the first guy to get on the list!
He claims to be "Simon" and says that he is an hero and shit.
What a retard...

MherMeiser......Lets just skip him..
The-Condor is a gay piece of shit that hates me soo much that he created 2 accounts to spam me with.
I will add more dickheads later on.

Want some of my luck?

2009-07-17 17:47:08 by mrfry

Well you can't have any!


2009-07-16 12:12:54 by mrfry

Why can't i edit post on the god damn BBS?!

I have gotten 4 typos this week and I fucking hate it!!

As you can see,I am in a VERY bad mood.

P.S. Kitty Krew sucks balls.
Fagot Federation for ever!

Im about to shoot myself!

2009-07-13 15:59:47 by mrfry

Don't worry It was just sarcasm.
Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3

Is annoying the FUCK out of me!

I am getting sick of it!

If anyone hacks newgrounds (I don't support hacking) I would hope they take that off of game of the moment.

I would rather see pico's school,NG rumble,Or hedgehog launch 2 as game of the moment because at least they can get me to play after i beat the game.

If tom or any site administradirs see this (As big as a chance as newgrounds going gay) I hope they think about how it has been up for over a week!

PETA sucks

2009-07-13 12:14:28 by mrfry

PETA is very gay!

Why?Because they stole my dog!

I don't know why yet but they are going to fucking get sued if They are caught!

Below is a picture of my dog \/

PETA sucks