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Hahah youtube baby!

2009-07-08 14:38:13 by mrfry

I just uploaded an youtube video!!!

You could find it here pM2U

Damn it!

2009-07-07 18:13:16 by mrfry

My flash got mother fucking blammed!!!!!!

I am mother fucking pissed!

Thank god (Or satan.)

2009-07-05 18:11:14 by mrfry

I am Unbanned finally!

Here is two things i learned

1.Mods are lurkers

2.I hate mods

So for now on im gonna find legal ways to bump my posts.

Go to this page and make my review look very helpful.


2009-07-03 21:03:35 by mrfry

I got a 2 fucking day ban from the forums!

Im soo pissed!

due to....

2009-06-26 12:13:24 by mrfry

due to Fucktards and little girls I am going to make an vid about how the ng community FAILS.

If you are part of the 7% that agrees with me than Vote 5 when the vid when it comes out.

Below is what the NG community is full of \/

due to....

I've been looking at the newgrounds forums lately and i found out that people would rather pay 6 to 15 dollars on an online game than use that money on something important like food or water.
Ok here are the games that I am talking about: WoW , Gulid Wars , Warhammer , Everquest , And Runescape.
I think you should not waste your money on those games because they will suck you in until you ether die or get kicked out of your moms house when your 40.
Whats my proof?When i was 13 i was a Everquest nerd.I used to play over 50 hours a week.I stayed like that until i was 16.
3 YEARS stuck in that game.But what saved me?2 Years ago i saw a vid about what MMO(Massivly Multiplayer Online Game) nerds were like.After I saw that I realized what i was.Than I looked for new hobbies.
From forum flaming to Trolling to Blogging.It was one year.But I got a XBOX 360 and I found a Hobby.FPS (First Person Shooters).
Specifically Halo 3.I got addicted to that.I bought xbox live.But what kept me from playing 50 hours a week?Youtube.
I have a you tube account that make's fun of Games / Consols.
Due to me getting heavy flaming im not gonna post what it is.
So my point is?Dont play MMOS they will ruin your life!
Below is me when I was 15.

What the fuck is going on with these people????


2009-06-02 12:15:21 by mrfry

I just started working on a flash music vid and it fetures dancing bananna (P.S. im not that good with flash so sorry if its crap.)

hey im mrfry

2009-05-31 20:56:48 by mrfry

My full name is edward henning fry and I will be making music for newgrounds.P.S. im also a good revewer on flash movies/games.