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Luis is the first mod I can respect

2014-04-05 06:40:25 by mrfry

Tbh there's no reason this thread should be locked. Just because a thread ruffles some feathers or has back and forth I don't think it causes such a decay that nobody should participate in a thread that was clearly popular.

I just don't get how a forum is supposed to function if people keep locking topics. The forum community is dying anyway why kill it even more by not letting people use the forum to I dunno post in topics.


My awesome thread on the General Forums was going great, then someone started flaming and being a little cunt and got the thread locked. I made a popular thread that got people actually interested in the BBS. HUR DURR ONE RAGING FURRY MEANS WE GOTZ 2 LOCK IT.


Luis actually gets it. The most popular topic on the forum shouldn't be locked, it should be able to grow and be nurtured by the posts by anti furries, furries, and the undecided morons (jk I love u guys :D). I mean NG is declining, only reason I came back is because I thought the mods stopped being annoying with the lack of traffic NG is getting.


Alas, ill think of another juciy topic to put in the General board.


P.S. heres the link to the topic -

2014 and still an asshole

2014-04-02 16:21:16 by mrfry

Someone teach me how to be kind please :(. I just can't help mocking bronies, furries, Xbox fanboys, FF7 fanboys living in the past, CoD fanboys, Halo fanboys, PC gaming fanboys, and everything else imaginable.


Lol I actually like FF7 but I dont live in the past, I play PC alot these days, hell, I play CoD every once in a while. Bronies are not that bad.


But Halo/Xbox fanboys, you are scum.

Furries, you are freaks LOL. You guys know that fapping to animals is a crime right? Cartoonized or not. Anthro is even worse LOL.

New year, new hiatus

2012-07-08 07:04:47 by mrfry

So... I wonder if anyone would read this?

>:( anger is a GOOD thing!

It is fucking GREAT!


2011-12-07 01:52:39 by mrfry

uhh... you.... your retarded. :)


2011-10-09 01:11:24 by mrfry


The people at fucking bestbuy were like "Hurr Durr we haz no xbox!11! We got playstation III tho lol!!" I am a video game addict (Its like weed!) so I just bought it... FUCK! I guess it is my fault for not waiting...
...but I like to blame stuff on other people (I get away with it like I got away with doing jack shit in HS but that is another story) so I will blame the CEO of best buy for my problem! FUCK YOU BEST BUY CEO!!!!!

Dammit! I can't believe that my shitty fucking xbox is broke!!!!!!!!! I spent 400 dollars on it back in '08 and not i am going to have to fork over 200 to get a NEW one. Just fucking fantastic!

hi gaiz

2011-05-29 20:39:06 by mrfry

the straw of death!

My trolling career + BIG ANNOUNCMENT

2011-05-25 02:26:01 by mrfry

As much as it displeases me, NG has turned into a shithole with crappy mods that ban you just for trolling.
I facepalm at this faggotry and bullshit.
Just 6 years ago (on my original account) this place was a awesome site (it still is minus the BBS) with a forum rivaling 4chan in craziness and lulz.

The mods were cool and people could just say random crap without mods bitching about it. Back than you can have a 1 word thread without mods PMSing about it (unless you flooded).

Back in june 09 I decided I should return to NG to see what is going on there. And what do I see??? Bitchy mods that abuse there powers.

I decided to just tone down my trolling (good natured) and just adjust. Me and some fellow trolling vets decided to bring back the old BBS.

We all got a weeks ban. I decided to leave because the gayness of the mods made me pissed off. I Came back again just 4 months ago.

I lurked for a few days and started posting stuff. Ok. Than some fucking mod started deleting all of my threads. I know 1 was a trolling thread but the rest were not.

I never knew who the mod was but I KNEW that he/she was abusing his/her powers. I decided to keep posting but than when one of my threads DON'T get deleted, I find out that all of the 10/11 ers are fucking pussies and the 07/08 ers became pussies! They were mad for no fucking reason and I got pissed.

I then decided that I would troll the shit out of them. They fucking break down and cry for some mods to help them. I said fuck it and just stopped for a while fast forward to 2 weeks ago and I post a thread and what the fuck do I see? "YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM THE BBS FOR 7 DAYS!!!!!!!" I just said what ever and went to another forum.

Anyways, I am going to start the NmF foundation. I want a forum where mods can't do shit (besides Tom, Wade, ECT) and these pussies mods are NOTHING. I know It could be abused but since there are already power abusing mods than why the fuck should we care?? We as the community should step up to these mods. We should demand a (almost) modless forum! You can help out by this to tom

"We demand a new forum. A forum with freedom, a forum without mods."
Short and sweet, but effective. Comments are welcome.